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We are pleased to invite you to participate in the Fifth Scientific and Practical Conference with international participation “Safety and Legal Support of Medicinal Products: from Development to Medical Use” in memory of Oleksii Pavlovych Viktorov, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor

 This scientific forum has been included in the Register of meetings, congresses, symposia, scientific and practical conferences scheduled for 2019 and approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine.

Conference shall be held on October 22-23, 2019 at the following address: Mercure Congress Centre, 6, Vadym Hetman St., Kyiv

Preliminary program

Conference agenda includes plenary and sectional sessions, master classes, round tables.


Key topics:

  • Clinical safety: information and clinical data management
  • Safety issues in drug development
  • Post-registration experience with medicinal products and rational pharmacotherapy
  • Formulary system’s role in improving access to medicinal products - Response to the current needs in the implementing country
  • National list of essential medicines as a guarantee of basic free medical care for Ukrainian citizens
  • Clinical protocol as the main medical technological document to be followed by healthcare professionals
  • Registration dossier as a representation of the life cycle of a medicinal product
  • Biosimilars – products of the future: regulation and pharmacovigilance issues
  • Safety of immunoprophylaxis
  • Pharmacovigilance in Ukraine: achievements and prospects
  • Good pharmacovigilance practices and directions for improving the pharmacovigilance system
  • Assessment of medical technologies - a new decision making tool
  • Pharmacovigilance in CIS countries



Working languages: Ukrainian, English.

Technical support: multimedia projector, notebook, microphone system, simultaneous translation.



For participation in the conference, please send the completed Registration Form, no later than October 07, 2019.




Applications for presentations on conference topics should be e-mailed to borecka@dec.gov.ua; skalatska@dec.gov.ua till June 01, 2019.


Abstracts on conference topics should be e-mailed to pelushenko@dec.gov.ua till September 01, 2019, indicating in the subject: For conference.

Abstracts outside conference program or improperly prepared shall not be accepted and published.

Format of abstracts:

Page setup: А4 paper size, portrait orientation, all margins – 2.5 cm. MS WORD Editor, font - Times New Roman, size – 12 pt., line spacing – 1,0. Volume - one page. No tables, diagrams, and references. Authors’ names and initials, and abstract title in bold font, institution, city and country - regular style, for example:


V.K. Ivanov, M.V. Semenov

Use of medicinal products in pediatrics

O.O. Bogomolets National Medical University, Kyiv, Ukraine

Abstracts shall be published free of charge.

Registration fee per person for participation in conference:

before October 18, 2019 —  UAH 5 000.


Valeria Vasylieva (general information): tel.: +38 (044) 202-1700 (4201); e-mail: vasileva@dec.gov.ua

Iryna Logvina (general information): tel.: +38 (044) 202-1700 (4001); e-mail: irina@dec.gov.ua

Olena Khoromska (general information): tel.: +38 (044) 202-1700 (4310); e-mail: khoromskaya@dec.gov.ua

Olga Yevko (general information): tel.: +38 (044) 202-1700 (4400); e-mail: evko@dec.gov.ua

Viacheslav Pelushenko (abstracts): tel.: +38 (044) 202-1700 (4202); e-mail: pelushenko@dec.gov.ua

Marianna Semeniuk (application for presentation): tel.: +38 (044) 202-1700 (4102); e-mail: borecka@dec.gov.ua

Mariia Nesterchuk (application for presentation): tel.: +38 (044) 202-1700 (4102); e-mail: skalatska@dec.gov.ua

Iryna Korshykova (registration fee payment): tel.: +38 (044) 247-47-19 (121);

fax: +38 (044) 247-47-33, +38 (067) 551-27-33; e-mail: irina@dinadis.ua 

Olena Smirnova (hotel accommodation): tel.: +38 (044) 247-47-19 (107);

fax: +38 (044) 247-47-33; +38 (067) 656-27-67; e-mail: lena@dinadis.ua




Ministry of Health of Ukraine

National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine

The State Expert Center of MoH


The State Expert Center of MoH